Universal Sticks By Paul Greengrass, Makes MEMPHIS

Universal wisely keeps Paul Greengrass in-house and backs his MLK movie, MEMPHIS.

Earlier today I poked some fun at a Universal movie called G, which sounds like something dreamed up by somebody who is scandalized that gravity is just a THEORY, so I figure I should take a moment to acknowledge the good work they also do. The studio will be backing Paul Greengrass on his latest film, Memphis, even after his Green Zone didn’t light the world on fire.

Memphis is about the final days of Martin Luther King as he organized the titular city’s sanitation workers for a strike. It’s prime Greengrass material - a true story that he can turn his journalistic lens on, bringing a sad moment in history to vivid, truthful life. I like Greengrass’ Bourne films A LOT, but there’s no denying that these true stories - like Bloody Sunday and United 93 - bring out the best in him.

The film will shoot this June, putting it ahead of a whole slew of other MLK pics in the planning stages.

By the way, Greengrass’ film may feel very timely in light of the current protests in Wisconsin. The state is looking to gut collective bargaining, taking away one of the most important weapons unions have, and things have been getting pretty heated. In fact the state actually blocked a pro-union website, the exact tactic that the Mubarak regime and the Ghaddafi regimes have used to try and quell uprisings against their authoritarian regimes. Scary to see that happening in America.