You’re Not Fat Enough: The Stuffed Hamburger Press, Only 12 Bucks

You’re still putting your toppings ON your hamburger? Get with the times, fatty.

Putting stuff on your hamburger is so 2000s. This is the 2010s, and we’re going to be putting all sorts of shit INSIDE our hamburgers. Now you can do it easily with this Williams-Sonoma hamburger stuffed hamburger press. Here’s how the company describes the device:

An innovative tool for making burgers stuffed with fillings such as cheese, bacon, vegetables and chili peppers.

Yes! Innovation! Just put hamburger meat on one side of the press, shove it down to create a concave well, fill said well with heart-destroying goodies, put meat on the other side of the press, smoosh em together and you have a stuffed hamburger.

And it’s just 12 bucks. I don’t know why you wouldn’t buy this thing.

via Cool Material