New Trailer For ELDER SCROLLS: SKYRIM Shows Massive Scope

Dragons! Landscapes! Sneaking up on deer! The new trailer for THE ELDER SCROLLS: SKYRIM is more than a little great.

There’s a new trailer for the latest edition of the Elder Scrolls games, Skryim, and it’s looking pretty impressive. I’ve never been really into the Elder Scrolls games - something about them feels like work, not fun, to me - but even to a moderately interested guy like me this trailer is awesome. The scope seems huge, the graphics a major improvement, and the creatures look great.

Best of all (and I wish I had a link for you guys, but my computer’s having issues and I lost the page and cannot again find it), Bethesda, the game developer, says that the trailer shows graphics from the X-Box. I assumed the X-Box graphics would be way dumbed down from what’s in the trailer, but that is not the case. Very exciting.

Watch the trailer here: