Warner Bros Didn’t Learn Their Lesson, Post-Converting CLASH OF THE TITANS Sequel

If at first you don’t succeed, suck and suck again.

In an alternate universe Clash Of The Titans was released in 2D and nobody made much of a fuss about the film. But in this universe the movie was released in post-converted 3D and everybody kind of hated it. The film made enough money to warrant a sequel, but the common wisdom on the streets* was that this time around Warners would either shoot this bitch in 3D or just release it in Regularvision.

Nope! Turns out they’re post-converting. Again. Talking to Collider director Jonathan Liebesman said that the big difference this time is that they’re planning for 3D.

From the start, Clash 2 has been conceived as a 3D picture. The sets, the way I’m going to shoot the choreography of the shots, because what we’re gonna instead of say 4 shots we’re gonna do 1, I’m even gonna shoot it in a 1.8:5 aspect ratio. Sam Worthington put me in touch with Jim Cameron, we spoke a lot about aspect ratios and 3D. He said something that really stuck with me which was, 2D scope is 2.3:5. That feels scope in 2D, for 3D he felt like 1.8.5. And we have a lot of big creatures so I want that vertical space so I don’t have to cut so I’m also gonna shoot in 1.8:5.

Sigh. I’m assuming that Warner Bros will say that this conversion will be better because unlike the first film, which was rushed, they’ll have built the conversion into the schedule. But the reality is I’ve yet to see a decent post-conversion, even when the movie was ‘planned for 3D’ in advance.

Just when I thought my expectations for this film had been sufficiently lowered…

UPDATE: Todd Gilchrist got some more info from Liebesman about the decision to post convert. Todd’s a pretty big 3D proponent, so he has a much more positive view of this than I do, and it’s always good to get more perspectives.

* and I from the streets