Reelizer Presents: Film Art of the Academy Awards

Besides being a co-badass for BAD I’m also the curator of the online gallery of film art at I haven’t mentioned it much around these parts, but after Devin checked it out he was kind enough to invite me to cross-post a selection of art from that site once a week as Reelizer Presents. So here we are with the first edition which I’ve decided to tie into the biggest awards show of the year: The Academy Awards®.

Adam Simpson was commissioned by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts to create a series based on the Best Film nominees of the 2011 British Academy Film Awards. Of course all of these films were also nominated for a Best Picture Oscar:

“The Fighter” by Billy Perkins:

“Black Swan” by Tomasz Opasinski:

“Black Swan” by Adam Juresko:

“Black Swan” by Sam Smith:

“Toy Story 3” by Sam Smith:

“Inception” by Shop Reworking Titles:

You can see these and much more at And please feel free to point me in the direction of any posters that are worthy of being posted.