Superman Could Kneel Before Viggo

Rumor has it that Aragorn will be ruining Superman’s day in Zack Snyder’s film.

The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Viggo Mortensen is Zack Snyder’s number one choice to play General Zod in Superman Starts. The actor apparently hasn’t had any serious meetings, though, and is in negotiations to star in Snow White And The Huntsman - I’d guess this is some kind of a planted story to give Viggo leverage in that deal.

I had actually heard that Snyder had been talking to Gerard Butler about the part, but maybe he’s not been able to break out as a big enough name. With Henry Cavill in  the role of Superman getting someone big in the Zod role would be important. Still, I think that Butler would have the wonderful broadness required to have fun with that part.

But if it were Viggo it would be a very different Zod - less cartoony, more menacing. Still, I can’t help but wonder how real this is and how much this is all about Viggo’s people getting the upper hand when it comes to negotiating Snow White. And I guess this is the first public acknowledgment that Zod is the main villain of Suddenly Superman.