A Reason To Watch The Oprah Winfrey Network: Zach Anner Got His Show

Austin’s own Zach Anner wins the Oprah Winfrey contest and gets his own TV show. Watch the pilot here.

It’s been a long road to television for Zach Anner. The Austin resident first came to the nation’s attention last year when he entered a contest Oprah Winfrey had for her new OWN network, which would grant a lucky person a TV show of their own. Zach, a stand up comic with cerebral palsy, perfectly straddled the line between silly and serious with his show idea and his submission video. The internet rose behind him, and Zach made it all the way to the finals of the contest.

In the end Oprah decided to give both Zach and his final opponent, some lady, shows on the network. Zach’s show will be called Rollin’ Around The World With Zach Anner, a travel show for people who thought they could never travel. Zach has a short pilot for the show, which you can watch here because for some dipshitty reason OWN won’t create an embed for the video.

It’ll be interesting to see whether Zach’s edge gets worn down by being on OWN; check out his original audition video to see Zach’s brand of humor in action.