A Look At THE FP, One Of The Awesome Films Playing SXFantastic

Pictures from the amazing gangs playing Dance Dance Revolution movie that’s playing at SXSW.

Every year at SXSW Fantastic Fest programs a series of midnight films, called SXFantastic. This year is a damn strong line-up - we’ll be bringing you exclusive interviews with the filmmakers behind all the films starting next week - but my favorite may be The FP, directed by Brandon and Jason Trost (with whom I just got off the phone). The town of Frazier Park is controlled by warring gangs, and their battle weapon of choice is games of Beat Beat Revelation, a dancing video game they play to the death.

Twitch has some exclusive pictures from the film, one of which is above. I really loved this movie and can’t wait for more people to get a look at the sustained insanity that The FP somehow manages to capture. I’m dying to write my gushing review!