Duh, Daniel Day-Lewis Would Play Jor-El In SUDDENLY SUPERMAN

Well, maybe it’s not a ‘duh’ thing, but it seems sort of likely. If they were to be casting Daniel Day-Lewis in the movie at all, that is.

Moviehole is reporting that Daniel Day-Lewis is on the list of actors wanted for roles in Zack Snyder’s new Superman movie. Everybody is like ‘WTF, DDL is really picky about his roles, and also what part would he play anyway?’

This one feels like a no-brainer - he’d be Jor-El. Back in the 70s Richard Donner reached out to one of the greatest actors of his generation and offered Marlon Brando a gazillion dollars for a few hours of work as Superman’s dad. It seems almost too perfect that this would be echoed now, except with DDL in the place of Brando.

I mean, I could be wrong and Snyder and company could be honestly pursuing DDL to play Zod, but doesn’t Jor-El just make so much more sense? Throw five million at DDL, have him come in and do a day’s work, get some incredible prestige attached to the picture.

My favorite story about Marlon Brando as Jor-El, by the way, is how he tried to weasel out of even appearing in the movie. Despite getting paid more per minute of screen time than anyone else in history, Brando attempted to convince Donner that since Jor-El was an alien he didn’t have to look human, and could look like a lamp or a suitcase or any other convenient stand-in item.