In Defiance Of All Sense And Logic, There Will Be A PERCY JACKSON 2

A movie no human being alive liked is getting a sequel.

Odds are that you have not seen Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. It’s a Harry Potter rip-off of the highest order that didn’t do very well at the box office. It’s also fucking terrible, but this is Hollywood and ‘fucking terrible’ is only a concern to snobs and elitists anymore.

Anyway, it’s such a huge rip-off of Harry Potter that they even got Chris Columbus to direct it. I only caught the movie on HBO and watched most of it gape-mouthed, wondering how it was possible that a movie of such low quality and high absurdity got made. The film was released to little fanfare (although star Logan Lerman caused some agita when doing press, wrongly telling everybody he was the new Spider-Man), and ended up earning less than its budget.

End of the Percy Jackson saga, right? Somehow wrong. There’s a sequel coming. Despite the movie being a critical, financial and generally existential flop, Fox is giving another shot to old Percy and his Olympian friends. The studio has hired writers to adapt the second book in the five book Young Adult series, this one called The Sea of Monsters. Good title, admittedly.

Anyway, the writers in question are Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski, who wrote Ed Wood. And Agent Cody Banks! Good side, bad side. The LA Times says that this is just a development move and that no director is attached; Columbus won’t be returning but might produce.

In the meantime let’s think about a Hollywood where a terrible film that doesn’t do that well at the box office gets a sequel. There’s hope for you Tron: Legacy fans yet.