The Badass Broadcast: KIDS KILLING KIDS

Kevin Connolly’s got a gun, and Malcolm-Jamal Warner is here to make sure kids get the message - shooting other kids isn’t cool!

Twenty years ago, the world could still be a scary place to navigate, and we had plenty of dangers - strangers, boogie men, drug dealers who would hang out at the edge of the playground tempting us with Mickey Mouse themed hits of acid so we’d get addicted, etc.

But we were lucky, because we were able to navigate those waters with the help of the Children’s Video Library and their educational videos that would tell us about what to watch out for. But how do you warn kids to watch out for other kids??

With Malcolm-Jamal Warner, obviously. And a special cameo by E from Entourage, who amazingly is playing THE EXACT SAME CHARACTER in this ridiculous mess of anti-kids-with-guns-in-school propaganda as he’s played in every other role he’s ever been cast in. Skip forward to about 2:35 for the really good bits of E…

Kevin Connolly might not have range, but the dude’s got consistency, and he’s still able to channel the exact same flat personality that he had before puberty.