The Delightfully Weird Trailer For Joseph Kahn’s DETENTION

Comedy, horror, meta slasher satire, generational commentary and Dane Cook in the Paul Gleason role. DETENTION.

In the first few seconds of the trailer for Detention, director Joseph Kahn throws a shout out at his last film, Torque. It gets wackier from there. Including shots of a bear boarding a UFO, slaughter in the hallways of a high school and kids dressed up like a fever dream version of a Justin Bieber video. Oh, and Dane Cook as a high school principle.

One part Breakfast Club, one part Scream, one part I’m Not Even Sure, Detention is premiering at SXSW; I’m incredibly excited to see the film, especially after the trailer proves that Kahn brings his music video stylishness even into a low budget slasher (maybe?) movie.