The iPad 2: Is It Worth It?

The iPad 2 has been announced. You in for it?

Let’s say right off the bat that if you were ever interested in an iPad, the iPad 2 is worth it because Apple kept the device at the same price point. But if you’re still on the fence about getting an iPad in general, should you go for the iPad 2?

The new iteration of the excellent tablet (I have an iPad here at home) looks pretty sweet. Lighter and thinner than the weirdly bulky iPad, the 2 also has two cameras - one forward facing for FaceTime and one at the back. The tablet has dual processors, and is promised to be faster than the last model. It has ten hours of battery life, and can do a month on standby. It allows HD video out via HDMI. And it comes in white (which is so fucking ugly).

It’s also got a killer, simple case:

But here’s the thing - rumor has it that Apple will be doing a new iPad AGAIN this year, in the fall. See, they want to get the iPad’s product refresh cycle synched up with the holiday shopping season, or so goes the rumor.

So what do you think - is the iPad 2 your huckleberry this March 11? Are you sticking with gen 1 for now? Or are you waiting for that rumored fall refresh?