Unsurprising News: THE HANGOVER PART II Is Chasing Charlie Sheen

The mentally ill TV star could be a joke in the comedy sequel.

Mel Gibson was too hot for The Hangover Part II, but not Charlie Sheen. At least that’s according to a trusted source, who tells me that Todd Phillips spent the last couple of days trying to secure the melting down actor for a cameo in The Hangover Part II.

The movie is done filming, but that doesn’t mean Sheen can’t yet pop up. The Marvel films do their Nick Fury cameos at the last possible moment, after all. Also, if The Hangover Part II is structured like the first one, there will be plenty of still photos at the end in which Sheen can appear.

Of course the question is whether or not anyone will care about Charlie Sheen in May, when the film is released. And whether or not Sheen will be dead, which would make the cameo in poor taste (as opposed to the rousing good taste of making fun of a drug addict having a massive mental breakdown).

Expect this to be thoroughly denied, whether or not they actually secure Sheen.