Todd Phillips Denies Charlie Sheen For THE HANGOVER PART II

We told you they were trying to get Charlie Sheen for THE HANGOVER PART II. They beg to differ.

Yesterday I told you that Todd Phillips and the folks behind The Hangover Part II were looking into getting Charlie Sheen in a cameo in the film. I also told you that, whether or not Sheen ended up in the film, they would deny it.

Now Phillips has denied it. 100% untrue, he says to Collider.

The Sheen cameo was intended to be like the Carrot Top cameo in the first film, so it would have been very quick and minor, but surprise would have been key. Having the cameo spilled ruins the whole point of it.

Or maybe Phillips and company came to realize that Sheen is probably in the ‘pink cloud’ phase of recovery:

The “pink cloud” is best described as a period of time where the addict or alcoholic experiences a reprieve from the struggles associated with early recovery. These struggles are generally associated with the feelings of depression, anger, resentment, self pity and the realization of where their drug addiction or alcoholism has taken them.

Upon experiencing this phenomenon for the first time, the addict or alcoholic is understandably excited. They begin to believe they now “hold the key” to their recovery. This is where the seed for relapse is planted. They begin to believe more in themselves than in the process they have been following. Without the pain as a daily reminder, they tend to forget about what it took for them to embrace recovery. Denial rears its ugly head and they minimize how devastating their drug addiction and alcoholism really was and that they have a disease of drug addiction and alcoholism that requires attention on a daily basis. Relapse prevention becomes an afterthought as the person becomes defiant and rebellious regarding suggestions contrary to their desires.

Whatever the case, I wanted to give the update from an official source. I stand behind my information - as is often the case in movie scooping, what was true on Sunday may no longer be true on Monday.