GI JOE 2 Gets Downsized

Are only Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes and Duke returning for more JOE?

Will we be getting an entirely new GI Joe team in GI Joe 2? So says Rachel Nichols, who played Scarlett in the first film.

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Of course all she REALLY knows is that SHE won’t be in the film - there’s no reason for her to have any casting info beyond her own involvement. It isn’t like they would  be giving her a script. Paramount could very well be telling her this to make her not feel so bad.

Or maybe nobody’s coming back - including Cobra Commander and Destro. That seems like a weird choice. Of course they could just be getting new actors to play those parts - especially Cobra Commander, who hides his face.

While I don’t think Nichols is the greatest actress to ever grace the screen she is smoking hot, so it’s a pity to lose her from the team.

via JoBlo