LA: See Badass Digest Conquer The Smodcastle This Saturday

BAD’s own Devin Faraci is appearing at the Smodcastle this weekend on Dominic Dierkes’ Anytime Show. Some person named Aubrey Plaza also a guest.

Got plans tomorrow night? If not, consider buying tickets to The Anytime Show, happening at Kevin Smith’s Smodcastle. A weekly talk show hosted by Dominic Dierkes of Mystery Team, this week’s edition will feature yours truly as a guest. And also some little-known actress named Aubrey Plaza as well. But more importantly - me!

I’m excited to go to the Smodcastle, and I think this is the only way I’d ever be allowed in. They probably have my picture at the door. “Snootch This Bootch!” it says over my face.

Click here to buy tickets. It’s just 8 bucks. And who knows, maybe this Aubrey Plaza person will go places someday and you’ll get to say you saw her back when.