Real Life Badass: Hero Saves Crowd From Flying Bat, Doesn’t Spill Beer

When disaster struck a spring training game only one man - with only one free hand! - could save the day. An incredible photo.

That hero with the can of Red Stripe is Mitch Davie, a Brooklynite in Florida to see some spring training action. At a game between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Atlanta Braves player Dan Uggla (these baseball player names. Jeez) lost his bat on a swing and it went flying into the stands behind him.

Enter Davie. Without losing control of his beer - nay, not even spilling a drop! - Davie caught that errant bat and saved the faces of his fellow fans.

Huzzah, Mitch Davie, you’re a true badass.

via the Seattle Times. Thanks to Brad for the link.