Jason and Justine Bateman joined forces with Ted Danson to confuse the fuck out of teens in the ‘80s.

Okay, so we definitely aren’t the first people on the Internet to discover this gem from the ‘80s featuring Jason and Justine Bateman along with Ted Danson doing his best Charlie Sheen impression decades before it was cool. If you haven’t seen it, though, or just haven’t had the pleasure in a few years, it’s definitely worth kicking back, plugging in your headphones, and rolling with it.

Now, while you’re watching this, keep in mind - we didn’t edit it to make all those jump cuts. That’s actually how the producers thought teens would best respond to the sexual awareness message that this PSA supposedly provides.

Also, try to imagine watching it as one of those teens. Or maybe a pre-teen. Ideally you want to imagine that you’re in 7th grade, three weeks before going to one of your first school dances, and you found this video in the Free Rentals section of the newly opened Blockbuster Video in your suburb. “Hmm,” you think to yourself, “Maybe that bartender from the show my parents used to like will let me know how I can tell if I really like like that person I’m interested in or if I just like them…”

And then you watched this:

Damn you, Danson!!! Although that’s one damn catchy theme song…

Yeah, so as you may have guessed, I first saw this sucker in 7th grade, a couple of weeks before going to some big dance. I wasn’t lucky enough to have snuck it in with some movies my parents were renting, either. No, I was with my “bad kid” friends (they were bad for the band nerds I rolled with, anyway) and we rented this along with some other stuff before sneaking into one of our parent’s houses when they were out of town. I kept trying to learn something and they kept inventing Mystery Science Theater.

Needless to say, I was not a success at that school dance. Or, really, any school dance after that.

But check it out, Amazon totally has VHS copies available! That’s awesome. I don’t mean to shill, but if you’re a sex ed teacher, you should definitely get yourself a copy so the kids in your school can learn the facts from straight talking teens just like them.

See you on the Planet Z of Funness.