You’ll Be Able To See All Sides Of The CUBE In 3D

The SAW franchise may be over, but Lionsgate wants to stay in the traps business with a new version of the 1997 film CUBE.

The Saw franchise may be dead for now, but that doesn’t mean Lionsgate doesn’t have some samey tricks up their sleeves. According to Shock Til You Drop the studio is currently developing Cube 3D.

You’ll remember that the original Cube was Vincenzo Natali’s clever, sparse and tense story about a group of strangers who find themselves inexplicably imprisoned in a complex filled with traps. In many ways Natali laid the groundwork that the Saw films would cover again and again, but he did it with style and skill and smarts. Of course his film was sequelized and prequelized  as well.

And now it returns. The new Cube could be a reboot or a remake, but I don’t think that really matters since I’m not sure anyone in the audience knows the continuity of the original series. All that matters is that it will be 3D, and it will probably be taking Saw‘s Halloween spot.