Stephen King Publishing Book 4.5 Of THE DARK TOWER Series

Stephen King’s not done with Roland and Co., and it’s just possible that we’re not, either.


Oh, Stephen King. You damned adorable hippie, you. King announced via his website yesterday that he’s completed a new novel for The Dark Tower series, titled The Wind Through the Keyhole, to be published next year.  The installment will tell the story of the adventures had by Roland, Eddie, Susannah, Jake and Oy between that ridiculous Oz business at the end of the otherwise excellent Wizard and Glass and the opening of the entirely awesome Wolves of the Calla.  He calls the newest chapter “DT-4.5,” and while this could smack of garnering attention for the upcoming Ron Howard adaptations and of milking more money from the wildly popular series, I can’t help but believe King when he says he dreamt of Mid-World and just wanted to visit his old friends again. And truth be told, Mr. King, I want to visit them, too.

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Thanks @glovedirk for the link!