Is It Back To Live Action For Robert Zemeckis?

MARS NEEDS MOMS tanks, killing YELLOW SUBMARINE at Disney. Could this be the end of Zemeckis’ mocap career?

Robert Zemeckis’ latest motion capture cartoon, Mars Needs Moms, was an unqualified disaster this weekend, and Disney’s going to probably end up losing some coin on the film. This comes after his A Christmas Carol underperformed, and after Zemeckis’ motion capture studio shut down. And now The Hollywood Reporter says Disney has stepped away from Zemeckis’ next planned project, a mocap remake of the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine.

Disney sources are claiming the project was shut down before Mars Needs Moms opened, but that’s probably because everybody saw what a shitpile they had on their hands and knew they were going to get creamed at the box office. Zemeckis is technically able to shop the film around to other studios now, but he still hasn’t even done a promised presentation for the remaining Beatles and their heirs, so who knows what’s up with that.

The Hollywood Reporter says Zemeckis may try going back to real movies now, which would be a blessing. Back in the day he was one of the greats; his foray into motion capture has been creepy, soulless and in every case pretty bad. I’d love to see Zemeckis getting his live action chops back.