Netflix To Create Original Programming With Spacey-Fincher HOUSE OF CARDS

Netflix has apparently outbid AMC and HBO for the Kevin Spacey-David Fincher drama HOUSE OF CARDS in an unprecedented move to enter original programming.

According to Deadline, Netflix has won a bidding war in an unprecedented move to create original programming. Negotiations are ongoing, but Netflix is said to have offered a commitment of 26 episodes to the drama series House of Cards, executive produced by and starring Kevin Spacey and directed and executive produced by David Fincher. HBO and AMC have shown interest in the series.

A press release today listed Netflix’s share of streaming movies at 61% of the market, but as many of its three-year streaming contracts will expire in a few months, the company is looking to broaden its reach. Offering a two-season commitment to a show with no pilot is risky. Entering the world of original programming for the first time is even riskier. But this is a risk that could pay off big time.