Chickenshit Move Of The Week: MGM Digitally Changes RED DAWN Remake Villains

Eager to not offend our Chinese economic overlords, MGM bends over and spreads.

I have seen some studio-mandated pussification in my time, but this just about takes the cake: MGM is digitally changing the bad guys of the Red Dawn remake from Chinese to North Korean. The reason? The studio doesn’t want to offend the massive Chinese market. And because they’re a bunch of weak ass pussies.

How will this even work? One of the concepts behind the invasion in the new Red Dawn is that the US is so in debt to China that they come to our shores to collect. On what world would we ever be in hock to North Korea? And by the way, in what world is starving North Korea an INVASION threat to anybody except South Korea?

And there’s another level to this: the movie, I’m assuming, cast many Chinese actors to play Chinese people. MGM is now assuming that just calling them North Korea is kosher. It’s the standard Hollywood racism against Asia in play. Sort of sickening.

This whole thing reeks of disaster. And of extra expense on a movie that’s been sitting on a shelf for a year or more and is coming from a studio who just avoided the jaws of fiscal doom. They can’t just digitally change the propaganda posters in the film - one assumes uniforms will be changed as will dialogue. Although who knows, maybe MGM is so shitty that they just won’t bother.

Besides being the wimpiest choice I’ve seen in years, this is also a surpassingly stupid choice.