The Late News: David Slade Has No Fear When It Comes To Directing New DAREDEVIL Movie

DAREDEVIL may be alive again, with a new director at the helm.

Fox has made their latest move with the Daredevil property, now hiring David Slade to direct. The film has no script or even screenwriter, but it has a director. You’ll remember Slade from the excellent Hard Candy, which he followed up with the nonsense of 30 Days of Night and the more nonsense of Twilight: Eclipse.

The most interesting part of the announcement in Variety is the news that this is not a reboot of Daredevil, as previously expected, but a loose follow-up to the 2003 original. Of course, that’s being said before there’s a writer on board. But the point of that, I suppose, is to avoid doing the origin again and introducing Kingpin again.

I wonder if this movie will ever get made or if this is just pre-production movement intended to keep Marvel Studios from claiming neglect on the property and fighting to get it back. If that’s the case, hiring Slade is a way to keep the project in motion but will likely not result in anything of substance.

If the movie is truly happening, Slade’s a choice who doesn’t interest me. I think he has chops that he’s not been showing since Hard Candy, but I doubt this will be the film to show them off. I’m more interested in who’s writing the movie, to be honest.