The Badass Video Interview: Simon Pegg & Nick Frost For PAUL

Live on tape from Area 51, Devin talks to the writers and stars of the alien roadtrip comedy PAUL - now playing!

Last week I ventured the mysterious desert near Area 51 to attend a press event for Paul, the Simon Pegg/Nick Frost alien comedy that is playing right now in a theater near you. While in the desert I talked with director Greg Mottola (you can find that here) as well as the stars, which you can watch below.

A quick note on the audio: in the future we’ll mix these better. This was a bit of the Badass Digest team being thrown right into the thick of it, with having to do SXSW at the same time as learning how to deal with new codecs and editing stuff and whatever else. The next one will be smoother, and we appreciate your patience with the heavily stereo-ized sound quality of this interview.

Big thanks to Henri Mazza, who actually did the work on getting the little HD cards turned into something you could watch on the intertubes and to Todd Turner at Junket Productions for his help.