Pookie Blow: The Original Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black has grabbed a nation by the ears with her vapid anthem Friday. But almost thirty years ago a young rapper named Pookie Blow had already staked out the ‘minutia of a kid’s day at school’ territory with Get Up (And Go To School).

Everyone is talking about the groundbreaking new lyricist singer Rebecca Black and her new Youtube jam Friday (click here if you haven’t had the ‘joy’ of experiencing it).  Is she the next Justin Bieber?  Rebecca autotunes her seemingly stream-of-conscience slow-firing synapses as she decides what seat to take in the car and then realizes that Saturday follows Friday and Sunday is afterward.

In honor of the surely no more than fifteen minutes of fame that Rebecca Black will enjoy, Badass Digest would like to invite you to harken back to the early days of east coast Hip Hop for a phenomenal jam by Rebecca’s kindred spirit, Connecticut youth rapper Pookie Blow.  In Get Up (And Go To School), Pookie will take you through his day as he wakes up and goes to school, dislikes geometry and looks forward to lunchtime even though the food ain’t that good.  Despite the similarly simple nature of both songs, I want to hang out with Pookie Blow while I have to suppress desires to euthanize Rebecca Black.

You can download the entire mind-blowing collection of early Connecticut Hip Hop (1979-1983) including Pookie Blow’s Get Up at Amazon below.