Good News Everybody: RPattz Does A Chewy C-Section In BREAKING DAWN

BREAKING DAWN promises to be just as nutso on film as it is in print.

When Summit hired Bill Condon to direct Breaking Dawn I knew we were in good hands. The flat out bonkers final chapter of the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn is just jam-packed with oddness, not the least of which is that sparkly vampire Edward must EAT THROUGH the stomach of bride Bella as she is attempting to deliver a half vamp baby.

There was some concern that Summit would tone this stuff down for the film, but it seems that Condon got it past his corporate overlords. “I’ve chewed it, spat it out!” Robert Pattinson tells Total Film about the birth scene.

In case you were wondering whether this weird ass movie - in which a werewolf falls in love with a baby - would be more watchable than the previous terrible films, Pattinson assures the magazine that “very different to the other films - more like a horror film.”

“Just some of the source material makes it inevitably more different. It’s completely nuts, the book.”