MAD MEN Season 5 Getting Closer to Reality

Slow moving negotiations to bring MAD MEN back for a fifth year might finally be paying off.

Mad Men season 5 is late. The show will likely not debut this summer, as it has in the past, and it’s because there has been a ton of back and forth between Matt Weiner, creator of the show, and Lionsgate TV and AMC, and the inability of all parties to come to terms has kept the network from greenlighting a fifth season of the amazing show.

But there’s good news! According to Deadline the negotiations have slowly begun to yield results, and it’s possible that everybody will be on the same page in the next few weeks. Again, that would mean that the show will start much later than usual - could it even be held until 2012? - but at least we’d get the next season.

Hey, maybe it’s all a way to let Kiernan Shipka catch up in age to Sally Draper.