So About Those Hardcore History Posters We Ran…

A small correction to the “Hardcore History” story. Don’t worry, it’s still totally badass.

It turns out they’re not really from the Smithsonian. I didn’t do my due diligence on them and assumed they were an innovative and fresh campaign for the amazing and honorable institution, but it turns out that they were just a cool thing some talented students from Atlanta mocked up.

According to DCist, the Smithsonian asked the students to remove their name from the posters, which is a bummer as they  were getting a ton of positive attention. The Smithsonian logo has been replaced with a generic ‘Museums’ logo. Now the students are looking to make prints, because so many history teachers have expressed interest in hanging them in their classrooms.

Sorry to have brought you guys some incorrect info, but I’m happy that the posters seem to be taking off in a big way. Maybe we’ll even get some more in the future!

For the full story, check out DCist. Thanks to the people who sent me corrections.