Aslan Works In Mysterious Ways: Fourth NARNIA Movie Happening

The little fantasy series that could keeps chugging along, with THE MAGICIAN’S NEPHEW being the fourth book to be adapted (despite being the sixth book in the series).

Despite the fact that you were probably barely even aware that a THIRD Narnia movie came out, Walden Media has announced they’ve begun work on number four. While the movies haven’t been doing much in the US, they’re big enough overseas to warrant a fourth picture.

But what’s interesting is that Walden is going out of order to adapt The Magician’s Nephew, and not The Silver Chair, which is the fourth book in the series. The Magician’s Nephew is a prequel story that tells the origins of Narnia and the wardrobe from the first film, and features none of the kids from the first three stories. This means The Magician’s Nephew is almost like a reboot of the series.

There will still be three more novels to adapt, should Walden want to keep going. A Boy and His Horse is another stand alone-ish story, set during the events of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Then there’s The Silver Chair, which is really kind of a boring filler story.

But then there’s The Last Battle, which I really want to see made into a movie. It’s the batshit final Narnia book, and it tells of the apocalypse of Narnia, complete with an anti-Christ and the slaughter of all the animals. And it ends with (SPOILER!) the revelation that all of the real world characters had been killed in a train crash at the beginning of the story. Absolutely bonkers.