DC Nation Comes To The Cartoon Network

A DC oriented programming block arrives in 2012, complete with all kinds of ads for other DC properties.

If you read DC comic books you know ‘DC Nation’ as their version of Bullpen Bulletins, an in-house announcement section. Now DC Nation is going bigtime, as a programming block on the Cartoon Network. The idea is that DC cartoons will run together, along with “event programming, interstitials, exclusive behind-the-scenes of theatrical production and an insider look into the world of all things DC.” There’s also going to be a big online component.

So don’t expect much by way of new DC cartoons in the block (although there’s a new Green Lantern animated series debuting) but rather look forward to a DC Clubhouse sort of atmosphere, plugging other DC comics and movies and games. DC Nation premieres in 2012.

via Deadline