A Game Of Food Trucks

Enjoy the fare of Westeros at the GAME OF THRONES food truck, hitting Los Angeles and New York!

This is so perfect for Badass Digest! I’ve spent today trying to put together a cocktail for Super and a recipe for Your Highness, so the idea that HBO is tying food into their A Game of Thrones series got me super excited.

HBO has commissioned Top Chef‘s Tom Colicchio to create dishes that might be served in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, where most of Game of Thrones takes place. The network will then have roaming food trucks hitting Los Angeles and New York to serve the food to folks. Items include rabbit, duck, venison and of course lemon cakes.

The Game of Thrones food truck hits New York from March 28th to April 1st. It then shows up in LA from April 4th to the 8th. Visit the show’s Facebook page or Twitter account to keep up with where it will be.