Go To The Movies: The Weekend Movies Open Thread

This is for you! An open thread to talk about this weekend’s movies - which mostly boils down to SUCKER PUNCH and DIARY OF A WIMPY KID 2.

Everybody who isn’t me hates Sucker Punch. I think it’s a hugely flawed but very fascinating movie, and I think that a virulent reaction to a director reaching is exactly the wrong reaction. But there’s blood in the water and most people aren’t interested in addressing the film on any level except the most surface.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 also opens this weekend; a friend on Twitter made an astute point about this film, saying he saw the ads around town and thought that someone just hadn’t bothered taking down the ads from the first movie. This is a film released for a whole different universe than the one in which I live.

If you’re going to the movies this weekend sound off in here. Spoilers are fair game, so beware if you don’t want to have the new movies ruined for you!

Here’s my Sucker Punch review.