Reelizer Presents: Horror Film Art

As the SCREAM 4 one-sheet has shown, there is still some ingenuity in mainstream horror poster design even if it is a little contrived. But if you want far more interesting perspectives of the horror genre you’ll have to find posters made for specialty screenings or posters that are just made for the love of the film.

An American Werewolf in London by Daniel Norris

Videodrome by David O’Daniel

28 Days Later by Joe Van Wetering

Maximum Overdrive by Travis Bone

Audition by The Attempted Theft of Millions

Videodrome by Iron Jaiden

Blacula by Dylan Todd

The Thing by Dan Mumford

A Night with George A. Romero by Chris Thornley

Drag Me to Hell by Sam Coyne

A Nightmare on Elm St. by Laz Marquez

From Dusk Til Dawn by Jacek Rudzki

The Shining by Nick Hollomon

Alien by Post Typography

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