Amy Adams is Lois Lane In SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL; Sexists, Morons Balk

A three time Academy Award nominee is cast in the new Superman movie. Of course people obsess over her hair color and age.

It’s really hard for me to work up any enthusiasm for The Man of Steel. I don’t particularly care about Superman as a screen character anymore, I’ve heard nothing but terrible things about the script for the film, and I’d rather see Zack Snyder keep on keeping on rather than tuck his tail between his legs and try to make up for Sucker Punch. Martin Scorsese followed up New York, New York with Raging Bull, not Smokey and the Bandit II.

But the movie’s happening, and sometimes there’s actual news to report (not the endless bullshit cycle of ‘They’re looking at so and so for the movie/oh wait so and so is not in the movie.’ Stop being such horrible, shiftless whores, internet websites) - Amy Adams has been cast as Lois Lane. What part Lois will have in this story is unknown - Snyder describes it as a linchpin part - but rumors circulate that she’s in the film just to keep Warner Bros’ rights to the character.

Adams is a very good actress, blah blah blah. I’m all for it, I just don’t care so much. The best part of the casting news was the delightful Twitter/comments section uproar - Adams has the wrong color hair (I honestly think 90% of internet commenters are dialing in on AOL from a home for the mentally subpar) and she’s too old to be in love with Henry Cavill. That’s a pretty sweet double standard; if a 36 year old actor was cast in a romantic lead opposite a 28 year old woman, nobody would say a word. Oh internet, you’re so full of horrible people!

via The LA TImes