Get IntoNow, the One TV Check-In App to Rule Them All

I watch a lot of TV and am also a narcissist which is why I love to tweet and Facebook what I’m watching. It’s fun to see the interactions it generates and is also a great way to keep my ADD entertained. So thank god for the iPhone and the various apps that make sharing what I’m watching real easy.

I tried GetGlue for a split second, but was turned off by the generic aesthetic and lame attempt at offering real-world stickers and discounts. Nevermind that the name and logo never made sense for an entertainment check-in app. The only other close contender was Clicker that offered an amazing web and app experience along with an extensive database. But Clicker was focused on web content—touting themselves as “The Internet Television Guide”—so many of my check-ins didn’t pull in any content like a still or a synopsis; and it’s the little things that count.

Despite all that Clicker was my default app of choice for the last six months until I discovered a few days ago the app that would pwn me: IntoNow.

And what makes it far and away the best entertainment check-in app?


And what is this “magic” you might ask, is the green button at the bottom of the app’s screen.

While you’re watching TV just hold your iPhone up, making sure the TV volume is at a decent level, tap the green button…

...and a few seconds later IntoNow will display a page of what you’re watching. From there you can easily see data and links associated with it as well as the ability to share it on Facebook and Twitter.

That’s right, no typing in the name of what you’re watching; just hold your iPhone up, tap the green button, and IntoNow identifies it, even down to the episode if it’s a TV show.

The app accomplishes this amazing feat using IntoNow’s patented platform SoundPrint, which analyzes the ambient audio being generated from your television in three-second increments. The audio is then converted into a “fingerprint”—basically, the show’s unique signature for ID—that is matched on the back-end to our reference set (which covers 130 channels of live broadcasting and has more than five years history). Or in other words: magic.

Even if you’re a GetGlueHead you need to give this app a try. It becomes addictive very quickly and you’ll get into IntoNow quicker then it can identify the season finale of The Jersey Shore.

Download IntoNow on the App Store.