KILL BILL Madness At The New Bev!

Justin from Mondo made the trip from Austin to LA for Quentin Tarantino’s birthday screening of KILL BILL: THE WHOLE BLOODY AFFAIR, and he brought Tyler Stout goodies with him.

I was throwing out some pretty vague hints, but after word got out that it was Tyler doing the poster, the situation got crazy outside of the theater. Fans were posting craigslist ads asking for people to go down to the theater to buy them and there were even lines outside of the theater to buy the poster running parallel to the lines to get in. Check it out….

Thanks for everyone that came out and tried to get one. We talked to some people that drove all the way from San Diego! If you didn’t snag one yesterday, don’t worry. We’ll have an online sale soon and as always, you will be notified the day before.

It was incredibly fun seeing the excitement from everyone when they realized we were in LA selling these. I love surprises and we are going to have one for our Austin fans very soon. I can’t go too much into it now, but in mid-April, we will be starting our own screening series at the Alamo called the Mondo Mystery Movie…. you will want to attend….

Follow Justin and Mondo at @mondonews for the announcement of the online sale for the Kill Bill poster and more!