There’s Probably A Written Ending To The DARK KNIGHT RISES Script

Gary Oldman claims the ending of the script for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES isn’t even written down. This is highly unlikely.

Gary Oldman is telling people that there’s no written ending to the script for The Dark Knight Rises, that you have to get it from Nolan himself, who keeps it secure in his own head in order to stymie people like me from getting the ending and publishing it online.

Except as far as I know this isn’t true. There’s a written script and a written ending. It’s been seen by people in production, and it’s been seen by Warner Bros executives. Some of whom, I’ve heard multiple times, aren’t thrilled with it. But it exists.

What I imagine has happened is that Oldman, tied with Michael Caine as ‘Guy Most Likely To Say Any Old Shit About A Batman Movie,’ is only getting his own sides on this script so that he doesn’t blab anything. This may happen with a number of the actors, especially this far out from production, and which makes perfect sense. Of course that won’t stop this from becoming the true myth of The Dark Knight Rises, and it won’t stop people involved with the movie - possibly even Nolan himself - from continuing a delightful story, even if it has little basis in fact. After all it SOUNDS great that the script is so secure it exists only in Christopher Nolan’s brain.

Although even there it’s susceptible to extraction…

Original Gary Oldman story via Slashfilm.