Warner Bros Still Acting Like They’re Going To Make A JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie

Same as it ever was: Warner Bros talks about a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie. I’ll believe it when it’s in production.

A Justice League movie in 2013? Yeah, right.

But that’s what Warner Bros’ Jeff Robinov says to the LA Times. According to the studio honcho, there’s a Justice League script in the works right now. But this isn’t the first time we’ve heard this story, and the last time they got right up against shooting before they pulled the plug.

WB has made a smart move by bringing in Geoff Johns to oversee a lot of this stuff; previously the studio had no singular voice shepherding all the properties, something Marvel does have in Kevin Feige. But even still, a Justice League movie is a huge endeavor for the studio to pull off so quickly, and has too many moving parts to get right by 2013.

I guess that the Warner Bros vision for a Justice League movie involves spinning OUT franchises, as opposed to Marvel’s bringing them together. That seems less risky, but the reality is that it also makes the new franchises launch with more baggage - or kills the new franchises before they start. If The Avengers tanks but Captain America succeeds, there will be more Captain America movies. If Justice League tanks, will the eternally in development Flash get any closer to reality? Probably not.

Oh, and speaking of The Avengers - will Warner Bros get a team movie into production before they take a look at how the only other team movie of its type does at the box office? I wouldn’t call WB’s approach  to its superhero properties particularly ‘bold’ thus far, and I’m not sure why that would change now.

But most of all this is the same shit we’ve been hearing from Warner Bros forever. For whatever reason the studio hasn’t fully committed to its superhero properties on  the big screen, but they’re always talking about it and always putting something into development. Why should this be any different? I’m sure that there’s an intention to get these properties going, but there’s such inertia at WB on a corporate level that nothing happens. Maybe with Harry Potter finally done they’ll turn to DC more, but I just feel like this huge entity is incapable of responding quickly.