He Taught The King To Speak, Now He’ll Teach Hal Jordan To Green Lantern

GREEN LANTERN’s CGI aliens get voice actors.

Geoffrey Rush has been added to the cast of Green Lantern, providing the voice of the CGI Green Lantern Tomar Re, a hideous looking chicken/fish/man who would probably make my cats drool.

Somebody else did all of the Tomar Re acting on set when the film shot last year; Rush will just be coming in and giving the voice to the character, who is a wise, gentle sage. He trains Hal Jordan in many of the philosophical ways of the Green Lantern Corps. The producers had wanted Anthony Hopkins at one point, but I guess they settled for a different great actor.

That’s from the LA Times. Meanwhile Latino Review is reporting that Michael Clark Duncan is voicing Kilowogg, the drill instructor who teaches Hal Jordan the martial ways of the Green Lantern Corps.