How RE-ANIMATOR: THE MUSICAL Is Like Ancient Roman Theater

The special FX secrets of the live, on stage splatter of RE-ANIMATOR: THE MUSICAL!

How cool is this: NPR has run a story on All Things Considered talking about the special effects in Re-Animator: The Musical, which just recently had its run extended at the Steve Allen Theater in Los Angeles.

I reviewed the show while it was in previews (read that here), and it’s now running through May. The NPR piece interviews director Stuart Gordon and the cast about the very low budget effects that they use on stage to recreate the infamous splatter of Gordon’s original Re-Animator movie.

As for the title of this article? In the interview Gordon says that the techniques they use aren’t that different from the techniques that the Romans used back in the day to create gore in their bloody entertainments. Caligula would have been proud of Re-Animator: The Musical.

Listen to the piece here. And as io9, where I found the link, says - is there any better reason to support the continued existence of NPR than the fact they’re covering the giant squirting intestines of Re-Animator: The Musical?

By the way: anybody know if there’s going to be a cast recording? I want to own this show!

via io9