Instapaper Dump: Ghost Babies, Dexter, Murder, Marvel Comics, Microsoft + More

A fresh new dump of my favorite articles archived on Instapaper.

For those not in the know, Instapaper is a web service that’s about filing away articles to “Read Later.” It’s not about short tweets or tumbleblogs, but a way of archiving long form articles to read when things have slowed down. You can read it either through the Instapaper site or take it mobile with the iPhone or iPad. And the best part is it all stays in sync.

So here’s a dump of my favorite articles from the last week archived on my Instapaper. Enjoy!

Stream Works: Hollywood Searches for a Netflix Alternative
Hollywood is pushing back against the streaming behemoth Netflix, placing new restrictions on its content and dabbling with new alternatives like Facebook.
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RIM: The inmates have taken over the asylum
Once upon a time, the Blackberry was the king of smartphones.
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A Murder Foretold
Unravelling the ultimate political conspiracy of Rodrigo Rosenberg’s murder in Guatemala.
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Movie industry hits ticket sales decline on the nose: It’s put out some stinkers
Theater owners and some studio chiefs are in agreement that the low quality of recent films is partly responsible for a 20% decline so far this year.
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7 Things “Dexter” Taught Me About the Future of TV
Will Richmond has a far more personal perspective of how the experience of watching TV is changing for consumers, and what this all means for the future of TV.
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The Remarkable Life and Quiet Death of Hollywood’s Forgotten Superlawyer
Arthur Crowley tussled with the likes of Steve McQueen and Howard Hughes. Now, friends and former clients, including Joanna Carson, reveal in the new Hollywood Reporter the crafty ways he won his biggest cases and the complex legacy he leaves behind.
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This Movie Made Me Feel Bad to Be Alive: A Review of Sucker Punch
Cave City Sink tears Sucker Punch a new one and it’s funny.
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Modern Marvel
Marvel, which has produced comics in various forms since 1939, is enjoying a hard-fought moment in the spotlight while it grapples with adapting to the 21st century.
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Obituary of Matthew Carr
Matthew Carr, who died of leukaemia on February 23 aged 57, was a figurative artist who ranged from individual portraits to depictions of 18 stuffed monkey heads, prisoners in Wormwood Scrubs and a “penis series” featuring the genitalia of 12 golfers.
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Ghost Babies
The traffic in dead babies is booming, on eBay.
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The Grouponing of Hollywood: indieWIRE Runs The Numbers for “The Lincoln Lawyer”
Last week’s 48-hour Groupon/Fandango deal for Lionsgate Films’ “The Lincoln Lawyer” put Hollywood through a blitzkrieg grief cycle: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and now, Acceptance.
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Microsoft’s Odd Couple
It’s 1975 and two college dropouts are racing to create software for a new line of “hobbyist” computers. The result? A company called “Micro-Soft”—now the fifth-most-valuable corporation on earth.
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