Let’s Steal That Map, Go Back In History And Make Sure The TIME BANDITS Reboot Doesn’t Happen

Since Terry Gilliam didn’t get it right the first time, somebody’s going back to TIME BANDITS to make it more franchise friendly.

A reboot of Time Bandits? As a kid-oriented action franchise?

These are the times that try geeks’ souls.

But yes, a Time Bandits reboot is in the works, and it’s being eyed as a kiddie franchise. The beauty of the original, of course, is that it transcends being a kiddie film in every possible way (especially that ending! Could you imagine that ending today?).

What’s sort of sad is that the former heads of Handmade Films, the company that George Harrison started that made so many interesting pictures, are the ones behind this. I wonder if they’ll keep plundering the library - maybe we can get Broken Lizard’s  The Life of Brian. Or Kevin James and Adam Sandler in Withnail & Me.

via Variety