Los Angeles: Come Worship At The Altar Of Herzog’s Documentaries At Cinefamily!

A great opportunity to see a dozen of Herzog’s finest docs.

Lately when we think of Herzog we think of his batshit narrative films like Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call New Orleans, but Herzog’s best work might actually be in his documentaries. Always fascinating, always poetic, always odd, Herzog’s films look at humanity and the world through his own unique perspective.

Which is why it’s exciting that the Cinefamily is doing a run of Herzog documentaries early this month. They’re showing a dozen classic Herzog docs in the series they’re calling The Ecstatic Truths of Werner Herzog: Documentaries, 1971-1992. This is an incredible run of amazing film, playing April 1st-3rd and April 8th.

Click here to order tickets. A trailer is embedded below!

herzog trailer from Cinefamily on Vimeo.