Don Draper Lives: MAD MEN Gets At Least Two, Maybe Three More Seasons

MAD MEN gets enough seasons to bring it to the finish line.

All is right with TV. Matt Weiner, creator of Mad Men, has come to terms with AMC and signed a deal that will guarantee two more seasons of the show, with an option for a third. Which will likely bring the show to the end of its run.

If you’ve been following all the back and forth you know that negotiations were highly public and very charged; in the end everybody ended up happy, and it looks like Weiner gave some on the issue of episode length. AMC wanted two more minutes of commercials per episode - Weiner won 47 minute long premieres and finales, while he can deliver 47 and 45 minute long episodes for the rest of the season, with the 47 minute versions for DVD. I bet Weiner does something perverse with those extra two minutes, like ending storylines or something, guaranteeing DVD sales.

I’m just happy it all worked out. I love this show, and think it’s one of the finest and smartest and most artistic shows in the history of the medium. I am so psyched that it gets to hit the finish line on its own terms.

via NY Times