Go To The Movies: The Weekend Movies Open Thread

There are a lot of choices out there this weekend: SOURCE CODE, INSIDIOUS, RUBBER, SUPER, HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN. And HOP. Of course.

This is a big weekend at the movies for us badass types. There are actually choices you can make, which has been rare this year so far. And what’s more, a couple of the films that are hitting theaters this weekend are available on VOD, and there’s one specific VOD title worth catching.

There are three big wide release films this week. There’s Hop, which comes from Brian Lynch, who wrote a very highly acclaimed run of Angel and Spike comics. It’s about Russell Brand being the Easter Bunny; in no way is this appealing to me, but it’s probably going to be the big winner of the weekend, if I had to guess.

Much more interesting are two genre films that are flawed; Source Code (my review) is a good movie with some big problems, especially the ending. And Insidious (my review) is a movie that goes so off the rails in the third act that I could barely stand it.

Meanwhile Rubber (my AICN review) and Super (my review) open smaller. Rubber is on VOD right now.

And premiering on VOD today is Hobo With A Shotgun, based on the fanmade trailer that ran before some prints of Grindhouse. The directorial debut from Canuck Jason Eisner, the film is a splattery blast. You can read my review right here.

As always, spoilers are allowed in the comments, so beware reading if you want to stay virginal. I think as we get closer to the big summer season with the big, dumb, predictable blockbusters that everybody gets really spoilerphobic about we’ll start making multiple comment threads. In the meantime, this is a free for all.