HANGOVER PART II Trailer Reveals Radically Reimagined Concepts

Todd Phillips, the blazing star of cinema comedy, reinvents the wheel with THE HANGOVER PART II.

The other day you guys all got mad at me for saying I hadn’t seen The Hangover and for thinking that The Hangover Part II didn’t look particularly good or interesting. I know, you shouldn’t judge a movie before you see it, which is why you all watch Tyler Perry movies and seek out every tween romance film so that you can have informed opinions of them - I thank you for leading by example.

Even though I haven’t seen The Hangover, I know most of the plot points and watching the trailer for The Hangover Part II I was pretty impressed - Todd Phillips and gang have really changed things up in the sequel. Instead of Las Vegas they’re in Thailand, which isn’t even in this country. And instead of Justin Bartha getting married it’s Ed Helms, which is one of those ingenious twists that makes you wonder how they come up with this gold. This time a member of the wedding party goes missing after a wild, unremembered night out, but Phillips won’t repeat himself. He’s too good for that. No, it’s not the groom - it’s the brother of the bride! THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING! And there’s no baby or tiger - instead they’ve more or less put them together in the form of a monkey! Give this Todd Phillips guy another big house. He deserves it.

But some things remain the same; nobody likes Justin Bartha, so they’ve kept him out of the main action.

Anyway, sorry to have prejudged this movie. It looks really fresh and original, and honestly the problem was probably that it’s so next level that I had a hard time wrapping my brain around it.