Watch This Awesome Teaser For A Short That’s 28 DAYS LATER Meets HOMEWARD BOUND

PLAY DEAD, a short film debuting at the Borscht Film Festival, looks at what happens to our pets in a zombie apocalypse.

The following trailer is a teaser for an upcoming short film brought to us by a promising, relatively young brother duo out of Miami. Andres and Diego Meza-Valdes answer a crucial question only pet owners would ask, “What the hell is going to happen to Prince Cedric (your asshole poodle) when a global rise of zombies hostile to human life begins a vigorous assault on our civilization? The short itself will feature mostly unknowns, but you might recall a pair of these flea bags from their last film, Marley and Me.

The full short will premiere later this month at the Borscht Film Festival, an independent showcase for emerging, local artists sought out to discover and retell a typical Miami tale.

“During the filming over 50 actors were used, with professional stunt crew JCB Stunts choreographing two 30-foot explosions, a man on fire shot, and spraying over 80 rounds of machine gun blanks at the old RC Cola factory. There was so much action that four cop cars rolled up on the scene after getting multiple 911 calls reporting shots fired and loud screams. We’ll say.”

Here’s some righteous, behind the scenes footage:

Play Dead: Behind the Scenes Peek from Borscht Film Festival on Vimeo.

When asked if there was anything they didn’t want folks to know about them, they wantonly answered: “We still live at home with our parents…shit.”

Via Miami New Times