Contest: Celebrate Sony Movie Channel’s MANDAYS By Winning Manly Blu-Rays


It’s not Monday anymore, it’s MANDAY! That’s the idea at Sony Movie Channel, who launches their manly programming today. Every Manday they’ll feature badass, tough movies and they’re starting off with Johnny Mnemonic and Sniper, and future installments of their testosterone-tinged double features will be quite eclectic. Here are some of the movies coming up:

88 Minutes
Toy Soldiers
El Mariachi
The Executioner
Three Stooges: Have Rocket
See no Evil, Hear no Evil

I don’t know which The Executioner that is, but I’m assuming the George Peppard spy movie, which looks awesome next to The Three Stooges.

By the way, I don’t get the Sony Movie Channel, but it seems pretty cool - an HD channel dedicated to uncut airings of the films from the Sony library. While Mandays lean on the masculine stuff, I imagine they have lots of content with which to fill the rest of the week with interesting, DVR-worthy films. I love the new trend towards studios getting cable channels because it gives them a reason to pull old films out of mothballs and get them back in circulation.

Here is where you can find the Sony Movie Channel on your local provider: DISH Network channel 386, DIRECTV HD CH 563, AT&T U-verse CH 1791.

Anyway, we have a Blu-Ray prize pack to  give to you, featuring films that SMC will have on upcoming Mandays. The prize pack includes

88 Minutes

Black Dynamite

and Black Hawk Down

Not bad! Just send me an email to devin at with your name and address, with MANDAY in the subject line.

And if you do get Sony Movie Channel, here’s tonight’s Manday line-up:

JOHNNY MNEMONIC airs April 4th at 10pm (EST)
Starring: Keanu Reeves, Dolph Lundgren, Takeshi, Ice-T and Dina Mayer
A high-tec courier with stolen data in his chip-implanted brain is on the run from a global crime syndicate.

SNIPER (R) airs April 4 at 11:55pm (EST)
Starring: Tom Berenger, Billy Zane and J.T Walsh
A bush-savvy Marine teams with a political marksman to eliminate a Colombian drug lord in the jungles of Central America

You should stay up late and watch Sniper for sure.

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